EPDM HOP Membrane

EPDM HOP Membrane
  • Available for tube, disc, diffusers
  • Temperature resistance up to 240ºF (115 °C)
  • Chemical resistance for municipal and most industrial applications
  • High concentration of polymers for superior service
  • Long Life and High Efficiency
  • Fine and Coarse Bubble Diffusers
Standard EPDM MaterialResults (Disc)Results (Tube)
Hardness Shore A (ASTM D2240)55 +/-558 +/-5
Specific Gravity, (ASTM D792)< 1.20< 1.20
Tensile Strength, psi, (ASTM D412)>1300 psi> 1150 psi
Tensile Modulus, @100% elongation, (ASTM D412)> 150 psi> 225 psi
Tensile Modulus, @300% elongation, (ASTM D412)> 425 psi> 550 psi
Ultimate Elongation, (ASTM D412)> 400%> 400%
Tear Strength, Die T, (ASTM D624)> 35 lbf/in> 40 lbf/in